Click the gallery page to see all  or at least most of my work.  I do most of my work on old fence wood.  Occasionally, I will paint on other things that are not wood ;).  After cutting the slats to size, I sand them so that they don’t splinter and are not hazardous to the…

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Click my Woodworking page to see my woodworking and refurb projects!  I like to use old weathered wood when I can, but I will use newer and different types of wood occasionally.  I have done tables, shelves, small boxes, and frames for mirrors.  All projects have been custom! So, if there is something unusual that a…

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Wood Pipes

Here’s something new!  I tried my hand at making one wood pipe, realized how much fun and interesting it is, and have kept making them.  Some of these here on the website may already be sold but most are available.  If interested, visit my store or request a custom order piece.

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